Business that develop products for educational purposes face the constant challenge of coming up with a product that will suit a need, be cost-effective, and be usable for a few years. Schools and libraries cannot update their equipment, books, software, games, furniture, decor, or delivery systems every year due to financial constrictions. Approvals from committees, boards, parent groups, and tax payers are needed for most new purchases. Determining the feasibility of a new product is crucial before a business can spend time, talent, and money developing it.

Hiring an experienced company with years of experience in education market research can be a great place to start. A consultative approach means the company spends time learning about the business to get a sense of its goals, objectives, preferences, and capabilities. Past successes, any marketing niche already established in educational systems, and the basis for the proposed product, will help the company develop plans for research methods and strategies. Senior consultants and marketing experts design techniques and oversee experienced researchers to conduct efficacy research, primary and secondary, a final analysis of data collected, and drafting of reports.

Methods can include designing questions for surveys, creating online questionnaires, facilitating focus groups, or conducting in-depth interviews. Telephone surveys and virtual focus groups are also possibilities. Research is conducted with fast response times, and client portals provide 24/7 accessibility to the research process and progress. Techniques and questions will be determined based on the target audience. If marketing to colleges, for example, surveys and focus groups will be targeted to adults. If public libraries is the intended market, methods will be geared toward parents, children, students, and individual adults. It makes no sense to develop a product without research because it may fail completely.


Once research is completed, the same company can help with marketing strategies to the appropriate educational system. Customized marketing services may include creative brochures, postcards, or graphics for an email campaign; advertising that enhances awareness of the product and position it effectively; and events to introduce or demonstrate the product to the targeted audience. Standing out from among the competition is the quickest way to boost sales, capture attention, and increase business profitability.